CEO of Bankai Group. Keen tech investor. Entrepreneur at heart.

With 25+ years of industry experience behind his back, Mr. Brahmbhatt is the CEO of the Bankai Group, a rising member of the global telecom and tech business community. Prior to founding Bankai, Mr. Brahmbhatt created Panamax Infotech Ltd., which now stands as the flagship company within the Bankai Group.

Following a vision that puts technology as the key factor towards economic and business development, Mr. Brahmbhatt turned Panamax into a force majeure within India’s thriving tech sector. Since its inception, Panamax has been focused on developing a rewarding, sustainable vision for the future of technology, procuring innovative IT products, software and corporate communications solutions to an array of top-tier clients.

Nowadays, the Bankai Group has grown into a transcontinental company, with offices and teams distributed across Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States of America. Backed by an outstanding operational expertise and Mr. Brahmbhatt’s business acumen, the Bankai Group keeps growing at impressive rates and investing in companies that show eagerness for disruption and an understanding of current monetization trends. In par with providing state-of-the-art solutions, diversification plays a central role in the future of the Bankai Group: to identify and encourage the development of new companies through investment has become Mr. Brahmbhatt’s personal challenge.


Sensing an early opportunity in the telecom and VoIP sectors, Mr. Brahmbhatt took over the reins of Panamax. Initially a tech manufacturing company, Panamax quickly evolved into a prominent IT solutions provider. Under Mr. Brahmbhatt’s guidance, Panamax moved further into becoming a top-tier company, quickly achieving recognition from many of its international partners, including the likes of industry giants like Siemens AG. 10 years after being created, Panamax showed that success was beyond manufacturing: by then, the company had triumphed in introducing high-tech telecom products, full office automation services and telecom billing and engineering services to its portfolio. However, these achievements were far from enough for Mr. Brahmbhatt: the challenge of developing a conglomerate of companies able to transcend borders and cultures was just about to begin.

At the dawn of the new millennium, Mr. Brahmbhatt established a multinational group of companies to tackle the rapidly growing demand for high-quality communications at a worldwide scale: the Bankai Group was born. With an outstanding ability to develop partnerships and business verticals, Mr. Brahmbhatt started to oversee an international expansion that would soon place him as a true innovator within the international tech community. In the period comprehended between 2003 and 2009, Bankai developed a rich portfolio of strategic business units by incorporating voice carrier services, telecom resource management services, global voice retail services and intelligent telecom platform development. This were the initial steps towards a global presence: by the end of the decade, the Bankai Group was firmly established in Europe, the US and Asia.

Nevertheless, Mr. Brahmbhatt’s track of success and innovation was not bound to end there. Nowadays, Mr. Brahmbhatt oversees the sustainable expansion of the Bankai Group, with the help of 12 core management members and a dedicated team of 300+ ‘vision partners’. 25+ years into his career, Mr. Brahmbhatt sustains the similar spirit and dedication than when he took the first step into this skyrocketing journey. Standing as a seasoned leader in a competitive sector, he works relentlessly with multidisciplinary teams to identify, develop and launch new products and services.

As usual, Mr. Brahmbhatt makes sure that his understanding and vision are being followed; after all, it was his vision that made solid leadership in the fast-growing segments of communication systems and software markets possible. And, as it happens, this goal remains the same.


Mr. Brahmbhatt’s profile of leading tech businessman is backed up by a succession of professional landmarks, some of which include:

  • 2016 - Panamax Bridge2Call wins Unified Communications Product of the Year Award.
  • 2015 - Strategic partnership in APAC market, international awards for product development.
  • 2014 - MobiFin wins the Excellence in Branchless Banking Award.
  • 2013 - Payment Switch Solutions.
  • 2012 - Mobile Wallet Solutions.
  • 2012 - Creation of Cloud Switching - Billing Routing and Mobile Commerce product.
  • 2011 - Mobile Commerce Partnership in Africa: “ButtonPay”.
  • 2009 - Development of Telecom Intelligent Platform.
  • 2009 - Incorporation of R&D Lab.
  • 2008 - Incorporation of Global Retail Voice Services.
  • 2007 - Incorporation of Telecom Resources Management Services.
  • 2005 - Launch of US operations.
  • 2003 - Voice Carrier business.
  • 2001 - Establishment of Panamax.
  • 2000 - The portfolio expands: Telecom Billing & Engineering Services.
  • 1997 - Recognition as a Complete Office Automation Provider.
  • 1994 - First landmark project: development of India’s First Private Group Telephone Exchange.
  • 1992 - Satellite Dish & Media Receiver manufacturing.
  • 1989 - Electronic Push Button Telephone manufacturing.

The Journey

Confidence, hard work and timing: these are, according to Mr. Brahmbhatt, the pillars needed to sustain a great career. It was under the guiding light of these values that he decided to start his business journey: the time was the late 1980s, and the place was India - a land of thrilling opportunities waiting for the right people to step up. With a degree in Telecommunications, the young Mr. Brahmbhatt became a tech manufacturer and distributor - one among many in the rapidly shifting India.

Less than half a decade later, the man had already proved himself a worthy businessman, achieving nationwide recognition for developing India’s First Private Group Telephone Exchange. Along with his company’s high operational standards and a fresh, innovative approach towards providing the best tech and telecom solutions, Mr. Brahmbhatt found himself in a new dimension, and suddenly, fellow businessmen were noticing him for a strange quality: as a young entrepreneur, he had the right ideas, but in addition he was also able to transform them into reality.

As it turns out, achieving success in a booming field within a tech-oriented country wasn’t enough: shortly after, Mr. Brahmbhatt decided to embark himself in a new adventure, the biggest and most important of his life: the creation of a billion dollar company with a worldwide presence.

In order to tackle international operations and meet the demands of a changing world, Mr. Brahmbhatt founded the Bankai Group in 2003. Acting as both the company’s CEO and President, Mr. Brahmbhatt oversaw an ambitious expansion plan, which in return proved brilliant: nowadays, the Bankai Group boasts of a strong presence in 4 continents and a diversified, battle-hardened business model oriented to growth and innovation.

‘Timing, hard work and a bit of luck acted as factors in my business journey’, says Mr. Brahmbhatt. ‘Also, the United States of America is a very rewarding place for those who have the knowledge and expertise’. He points out that headquartering his company in the United States was vital to sustain 30% annual growth rates. The dream of a billion dollar company is closer than ever for Mr. Brahmbhatt, yet he doesn’t seem like he’s gonna stop anytime soon.

Talking of the future, he says that ‘there’s a lot to be done’, and expresses his interest in strengthening inorganic growth by acquiring companies that show alignment with Bankai’s innovation-driven philosophy. No longer in his early twenties, Mr. Brahmbhatt looks determined. The once young entrepreneur who could ‘make things happen’ is now a full-grown international businessman, and yet, he keeps working towards turning dreams into realities.